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  • Yoshiki Auction Shut Down due to Awesome Response

    April 20, 2011 | Posted by

    What can only be described as the first time in history, the piano auction that we featured yesterday has been shut down due to the super awesome response that it generated. While we can only wish that it was because all of you read about it here and clustered to bid on the piano thus helping save Japan – that would be a bit far fetched.

    The piano on which we reported bids of upto $2.6 Million less than 24 hours ago was shut down once a $20 million bid was received. The bidding jumped to $20 million in a very short time which meant that all bids would now have to be verified.

    We omitted to include a video of Yoshiki yesterday, adding now (playing on the same piano)

    This is what the page of the auction now shows :

    Due to system overload, bidder confirmation procedure and other factors resulting from unexpected high traffic, “Crystal Piano” charity auction currently underway has been temporarily put on hold.

    The auction will resume at a date to be announced.

    The time remaining for this auction will carry over to the date the auction resumes.

    We apologize for the inconvenience.

    Yahoo! Auctions observes strict standards and procedures in order for all of our users to have a pleasant experience utilizing our services.

    We thank you for your understanding.

    While this piano struggles to get onto auction, here are a few more pianos that have been hogging the headlines recently –

  • Elvis Presley Piano
  • Sir Paul McCartney’s Piano
  • Rolls Royce Piano
  • John Lennon’s Piano
  • CrystalRoc Piano
  • The Piano has finally sold for $130,000 and the money will be used to aid Japan. The piano auction got an amazing response of 1,454 bids. Props to NBC.

    NBC LA