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  • Yorkshire Terrier Lola gets Tiara worth 800 pounds

    May 30, 2011 | Posted by

    Regular readers will recall Lola from her wedding which cost a cool 20,000 pounds (yes, we are still talking about a Yorkshire Terrier) ; the little doggy watched Princess Kate and decided to get a tiara for herself. Or at least her owner, Louise did.

    Yorkshire Terrier Lola Gets Tiara

    Louise Harris has had a pair of tiaras made so that Lola can play the part of the little royal doggy perfectly. The tiaras are exact replicas of the ones that was worn by Kate Middleton. Lola’s tiaras have been created by jewellers Latimer Couture using Swarovski crystal and genuine silver. The other tiara is meant for Louise herself. The one that Louise wears in the accompanying picture cost 500 pounds while the one that Lola got is for 300 pounds.

    Yorkshire Terrier Lola Gets Tiara_02

    Yorkshire Terrier Lola Gets Tiara_03

    Yorkshire Terrier Lola Gets Tiara_04

    Yorkshire Terrier Lola Gets Tiara_05