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  • World’s most expensive stove: Iron Dog 05 Huraxdax, just for $4m

    December 27, 2010 | Posted by

    I don’t think anyone would want to buy this until you just want to break the record of owning the world’s most expensive stove. We understand that those pricey items do make you look a rich, classy and sophisticated person but who would want to throw as much as $4 million on a stove?

    Yeah, that’s right, sculptor Joseph Michael Neustifter has designed this gold-plated wood-fired range: Iron Dog 05 Huraxdax. And to make this pricey stove the Iron Dog took two and a half months. Phew! Its height is two-and-a-half feet, and weighs 572 pounds. It can heat around 1,000-square feet of space. The word “Huraxdax” is stamped on the sides and back of the stove, and it apparently means “decampment of joy”.

    According to the Iron Dog website, the stove ‘can be put to everyday use’. But who in their right mind would buy this first of all? So guys, any takers?