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  • World’s most expensive tanning bed: Velocity HP1000 by ETS Tan

    December 31, 2010 | Posted by

    The fashion that holds a lineage with ancient Greek civilization got a kick start in modern times by famous fashion face of France Coco Channel. She was the first to get noticed with body tan in early twentieth century. From then onwards the fashion kept gaining the momentum and ended up inspiring three generations.

    Introduction of tanning beds brought a new surge in the tanning fashion. Tanning beds offered a less time taking and comparatively safe procedure for tanning. And the recent development in this industry, the Velocity HP1000 has taken the tanning world by storm.

    With more power than ever, the Velocity Ultra-Pressure tanning bed never fails to impress. This tanning bed provides a powerful ultra-high pressure experience that gives long-lasting color for both fairer-skinned and dark skinned customers.

    With the variable speed body cooling system, it cools as it tans. The integrated 4-speaker and subwoofer stereo system has four inputs, including one for your iPod. For a staggering $33,999, this one here is the world’s most expensive tanning bed.