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  • What Puts The Pleasure In Pleasure Palaces?

    June 7, 2013 | Posted by

    There’s a very good reason that brides and grooms to be experience a shiver of trepidation when their partners opt for a trip to the casino for their stag party or hen night. These places reek of debauchery, with gold-diggers hovering around roulette wheels like sexy moths flitting round an open flame, the glistening eyes of big old fat cats shining in the darkness behind novelty cocktail umbrellas and Cuban cigars as they stare fixedly up showgirls’ skirts and the dangerous anonymity of sleeping in a hotel room…

    Many are the liaisons which have come about following a pleasure palace visit. When you think about it, it’s no wonder these places get people in the mood for acting naughty. Casinos inspire in their guests an intoxicating mixture of that particularly liberating feeling of splashing the cash, the giddy thrill of knocking back oceans of fine liquor and the (tragically rare) sense that anything could be about to happen.

    Another contributing factor to the notable abundance of cheeky fumbles in casino parking lots is the fact that these places see their attendees – male and female alike – at their most attractive. Pretty much any woman loves nothing more than a man in a suit for starters, and if you put that man in a suit in the best mood possible then you can bet your bottom dollar he’ll have his mojo working like never before. This phenomenon sees the most lacklustre males of the species transformed into borderline Marlon Brandos, possessing the power to stun a female into libidinous submission at twenty paces with a single pelvic thrust.

    Of course the ladies of any casino will always dress to impress too; anyone for the soft glow of pearls against a plunging neckline? This is the land of backless dresses, of killer heels, of slashed to the thigh… of opportunity.

    Naturally the temptation within these mutual charms is too much for some, either leading to miscellaneous acts of romance or (more likely) a traditional drunken stumble into a wall. Inevitably some of these incidents can blossom into fully fledged affairs, regular meet-ups, casino chat online and the occasional risqué text message. Online casinos gives people a chance to chat online whilst playing your favourite game, such as the real aussie casino online, Intertops.

    If you’re the kind of person that prescribes to the view that ‘what they don’t know can’t hurt them’, then there’s truly nowhere better to ply your transgressive trade than a casino, isolated from ‘the real world’ and as safe from detection as you’re ever likely to be. That’s not to say that everyone visiting casinos is looking for a dirty fling – many make the trip out of a love of gaming, the big city, hanging out with friends… but the forbidden fruit is never off the cards.