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  • Welcome to India. Welcome to our home: Nita Ambani

    November 28, 2010 | Posted by

    Indian billionaire and world’s fourth richest man, Mr. Mukesh Ambani has opened doors to his lavish 27-storey home and the world’s priciest private residence. There were only 80 invitees to the opulent ‘open-house’ party at the just-completed 174-metre home.

    Nita Ambani Home

    Standing on one of the windy terrace gardens of the billion dollar house an invitee said,”This is not just a home, it’s a statement! Some cities are known for their spectacular airports Mumbai will be known for this landmark Ambani house , which is bound to become iconic.” Mrs. Shobha De, one of the guests and a famous Indian novelist described the house as “the Taj Mahal of the 21st century.”

    Nita Ambani Family

    According to an Indian daily, The Times of India, the first electricity bill, for September, is costing India’s richest man a mind-boggling $153,072. And also according to local newspapers, the palatial house would require 600 members of staff to maintain it.

    Nita Ambani Home Interior_01

    Mr. Ambani along with his wife, Nita Ambani and three children will be residing in the house which according to reports, has six floors of parking, swimming pools and a cinema. The house is christened as ‘Antilia’ inspired from the mythical Atlantic island (the name is likely to change to ‘Anandam’).

    Nita Ambani Home Interior_02

    Mrs. De further adds, “what has got to be the biggest, glitziest ballroom in India – the Palace of Versailles is a poor cousin. There is a lot of marble, there is a lot of mother of pearl. There are areas and gardens and lotus pools and an absolutely beautiful Krishna temple. There is art, there’s sculpture, there is a huge bar.” She says that ‘it was possible for one mad moment to believe that we were all at Cindrella’s ball.’ Wow!!!

    Nita Ambani Home Interior_03

    The mammoth structure is already known for its unconventional architecture and the exquisite Krishna temple on the ground floor to Mukesh’s personal library on the top floor are an absolute delight.

    Nita Ambani Home Interior_04

    Though there was alot of controversy about the heli-pad, the new plan is to scrap the heli-pad and transform it into a lush terrace garden. ‘Antilia’ is built according to the personal taste of Mr. Ambani and is designed as per the Vaastu principles, an Indian tradition similar to Chinese feng shui.

    Ambani, 53, is India’s wealthiest man with a $US27 billion ($A27.51 billion) fortune, according to Forbes.