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  • Voice of Fire : The most Idiotically Expensive Painting

    January 27, 2011 | Posted by

    Or perhaps we should say, the most idiotically expensive painting. Friends and family will never call me one who fancies modern art, yet this is what takes the cake. Known as the “Voice of Fire” , the National Gallery of Canada which is based in Ottawa, paid $1.8 million back in 1989 for this painting.

    So what of it you may ask ; since The Rich Times covers paintings and other items that routinely cross this figure without making such sarcastic comments? Well , this – All that the painting consists of is a red stripe on a blue background.

    The image on this post , is exactly how the painting looks like. And just to give you an idea in todays terms , the inflation adjusted figures for what the Canadians paid for this painting are more than 3 million dollars today.

    Voice of Fire is an acrylic on canvas painting made by American painter Barnett Newman in 1967. Its almost as if Barney of How I met your Mother fame decided to troll the Canadians in the 60s and they fell for it. Oh Canada, its almost as if you want us to make fun of you!

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