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  • UAE introduces the $18 Million Luxury Super-bus for Public Transport

    April 14, 2011 | Posted by

    Costing a stupendous $18 million to produce, the luxurious super bus is completely green since it is powered by electricity. Each passenger will travel in the lap of luxury having access to his or her own television, Internet access with that and a personal airbag too.

    The airbag is kind of mandatory since unlike the usual slow public transportation that most cities in the world have, this super-bus isn’t just about luxury either. It travels at a speed of 255 kmph (158 mph) and prevents shooting off into the air with 6 wheels.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see it take to the air given that it has been designed by Dutch astronauts over a seven year period. Up to 23 passengers can be seated at a time and I think it should be safe to assume that there would not be any standing passengers at all.

    The vehicle has adjustable height, rear-wheel steering and a turning circle of roughly 10m.

    The best part is that its not just a concept vehicle either – but a reality and once it clears the final government inspections it will be pressed into service.

    Mail Online