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  • Titanic Centenary to be celebrated with Auction

    January 7, 2012 | Posted by

    On April 11, 2012, precisely one hundred years on the anniversary of Titanic’s maiden voyage, there will be an unprecedented auction of artifacts recovered from the wreck site of the legendary ocean liner. Consisting of items owned by RMS Titanic, Inc. and recovered from the Titanic wreck site, the auction will comprise all of the artifacts to be sold as one single collection. The sale is subject to certain covenants and conditions to ensure the collection will be properly maintained and available for public display.

    Titanic Centenary To Be Celebrated With Auction

    Included in the sale are important archeological assets created by RMS Titanic, Inc. on the eight research and recovery missions it has conducted at the Titanic site more than 12,000 feet below the ocean surface. These assets include, among other things, video of the dives, 3-D images of the ship, and the first and only comprehensive survey map of the wreck site. The purchaser may also have the opportunity to assume the role of steward of the Titanic, to protect and preserve the wreck site for future generations. A total of 25 years of exploration have resulted in the finding of a host of artifacts as also photos and videos of the site. The importance of this collection is reflected in a 2007 appraisal in which the artifacts and certain elements of RMS Titanic, Inc’s intellectual property, also a part of this auction, were valued at $189 million.

    For those truly interested in the Titanic, we would suggest reading up on the Titanic Project, a superb idea by Dodo Newman.

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