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  • Tips on buying your next mobile phone and obtaining a free sim card

    December 6, 2012 | Posted by

    Tips on Buying Your Next Mobile Phone

    The mobile phone has become an indispensable piece of kit for most people. It allows us
    to keep in touch with friends and business contacts while we’re on the move, to surf the
    net, send and receive emails, listen to music and watch videos. Given that our phone has
    become such an essential part of our life, we don’t always give as much care to buying a
    new one as we would with a new car or computer.

    Often we’ll go on the recommendation of a friend, or be seduced by a slick design without considering the functions that we need our phone to perform. So to make sure that you end up with the phone that suits you, here are some tips on the essential points to consider when you’re buying your next mobile:

    Contract or Pay As You Go?

    If the upfront cost of a new phone is a big consideration, then it might be that the free
    or low cost deals offered by major network providers such as Orange or O2 is attractive.
    Down sides are that the range of models on offer can be limited, and it will tie you in to a
    contract, often for eighteen months to two years. If you want greater choice and flexibility
    consider buying your phone from one of the high street stores or online, and research the
    PAYG deals on offer. giffgaff offer a free sim card and a range of goody bags that you can
    choose from once your sim card arrives, so that you can design a package that best suits
    your needs

    Network provider and coverage

    Before you choose your network provider, research network coverage in the UK. Some
    of the major providers have more limited coverage in some areas – and it could be yours.
    Check out giffgaff’s mobile coverage which will give you a guide to signal strength and
    coverage where you live.

    Need to have/nice to have

    There will be some functions that it’s essential you have on your phone. If you travel
    regularly on business then you will need to be able to send and receive emails and may
    need easy access to the Internet. If call quality is the most important thing for you, and you
    would rarely use the more sophisticated functions offered by smartphones, then you may
    decide to go for a less expensive and more basic model.