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  • Nita Ambani heads to another country to buy Crockery for the most expensive home on the planet

    December 9, 2010 | Posted by

    Living in the world’s most expensive house, doesn’t mean that you have no limit to your expenses specially when it comes to splurging on the interiors and other small accessories for your palatial home. And this, Mrs. Nita Ambani knows quite well.

    Nita Ambani Buy Crockery

    The dotting wife knows that hubby dearest works hard to give her all the luxuries in the world. No wonder, the wife of India’s richest man, Mukesh Ambani, went all the way to Sri Lanka just to go crockery shopping. This is because the brand she has selected offers 70-80% cheaper crockery in Lanka.

    Nita seems to be a quite a bargain-hunter. The lady who is actively involved in various philanthropic activites, has opted for Noritake, a 106 year old Japanese brand whose 22 carat gold/platinum-trimmed porcelain crockery has fans round the world. And when you have a list of buying 25,000 pieces of China-ware you obviously would want a good bargain. Not that she really needs it, though!

    What is surprising is that, the huge order has not been placed in the posh Noritake showroom in Mumbai’s Kemps Corner which is a stone’s throw from the Ambani Tower but she has chosen Sri Lanka for this acquisition. Noritake offers products at cheaper rates in Lanka as the brand has its largest manufacturing facility in Sri Lanka and exports its fine-china to 100 countries from here.

    Nita, who holds a qualification of an interior designer, has previously gifted Noritake crockery to friends and family as a Diwali gift. So maybe all the purchase from Lanka is not headed towards the 27-floor residence.

    M Deva Raja, General Manager of Noritake Sri Lanka, said the company has an enquiry from Ambani for more than 20,000 pieces but has not supplied anything yet. A Reliance spokesman declined comment.

    You can see a remarkable difference in cost when you compare the prices of the same products sold in India and in Sri Lanka. A 50-piece dinner set with 22 carat gold/platinum trimmings could cost $300-500 in Sri Lanka while the same would be priced between $800 and $2,000 in India. Multiply that by 500 (to cover Nita Ambani’s 25,000-piece order) and the price could have hit $1 million at the upper end in India.

    Shobhaa De, an Indian critic, says,”If she is indeed buying her crockery from Sri Lanka, I would say that she is a practical Gujju housewife, cost-conscious and sensible and I admire her for it,” Ms De said. “Why should she pay five times more for something here? She is setting a good example for others to follow!” Gujju stands for Gujaratis who are the natives of the state of Gujarat, India. Gujaratis are often known to be stingy.

    Sri Lanka, The Pearl of the Indian Ocean, is known for its natural beauty, lush tropical forests, white beaches and diverse landscape throughout along with a rich biodiversity. The country lays claim to a long and colorful history of over three thousand years, having one of the longest documented histories in the world.

    Nita Ambani