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  • The Worlds Biggest (most expensive?) Brothel to open in Australia

    August 2, 2011 | Posted by

    The Aussies probably have this one right. Instead of trying to ban and push people under the law, they preferred legalising the sex industry. As a result, not only does the Australian stock exchange have brothels listed on the stock exchange but it also gets workers in the sex industry mandatory testing for STDs. Taking things to another level, one of the biggest Australian banks – Westpac is now funding an expansion in Sydney resulting in what is being claimed as the worlds biggest brothel. It will be a three-storey 42-room mega-sex-plex opposite Sydney University on the city’s Parramatta Road.

    The current brothel already made revenues of $7 million last year and after the expansion, revenues are expected to increase up to $17.8 million. Included in the renovation plans are spa baths, mood lighting and the works. We could bore you with more details, but we’d rather you hit the jump over to The Age and see the video.