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  • The Statis: A Swarovski Encrusted Toilet for $128,000

    December 14, 2011 | Posted by

    Apparently folks like me who think that comfort is the number 1 factor while selecting a commode, are in the minority. A vast majority would , if they could afford it, go with The Statis. Coming from Japan, this toilet from Lixil Corp. is studded with 72,000 swarovski crystals. Thats exactly 72,000 crystals too many for my morning bling. But then I digress.

    A Swarovski Encrusted Toilet

    The toilet is currently on display at the company’s showroom in Tokyo until December 28. Whether the company will put it up for sale at the end of the viewing or not is something that the company is not telling us. A Lixil official was quoted saying “The item reflects our wish that the coming year will be a bright year”. While we cant argue with his wishes, its just that a blinged toilet for a better year is not something that we really recommend.

    A Swarovski Encrusted Toilet_02

    A Swarovski Encrusted Toilet_03

    A Swarovski Encrusted Toilet_04

    A Swarovski Encrusted Toilet_05

    A Swarovski Encrusted Toilet_06

    A Swarovski Encrusted Toilet_07

    A Swarovski Encrusted Toilet_08

    A Swarovski Encrusted Toilet_09

    If its a comfortable toilet that you are after then things dont get any better then Kohler Numi ; but if its bling that you must have then this gold toilet brush may be a good investment along side.

    Nippon News