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  • The Solid Gold credit Card

    March 28, 2013 | Posted by

    For a while we were all under the impression that those pure black cards were the ultimate in luxury. After all we have all heard stories of how these cards have absolutely no limits and are usually backed by fortunes worth a few billions. So if you happen to be one of those Sheikhs who have one of these uber-exclusive black cards then be fore warned. There now exists a card that trumps all beneath it.

    Made of solid gold, the card is also embedded not with the usual PIN and Chip for security but instead 26 diamonds. Available to only the top 100 Visa Infinite customers in Kazakhstan, the ultimate status symbol will cost $100,000 for the first year.

    The card does not have a magnetic strip at all but can be used with Chip and Pin machines. The $100,000 is broken up into $65,000 for the card itself and the balance going onto the card for spending. The annual fee for the card is a comparatively meager $2,000.

    Visa hopes that this gives it an edge over Master card especially when it extends the card to customers (once again in limited editions only) in Europe, Asia and Africa ; not to mention the middle east.