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  • The Smallest Luxury Hotel in the World : Eh häusl

    October 6, 2011 | Posted by

    Boasting of a single room and a mere 53 square meters area, this hotel is going to put up a very hard fight for any other ‘hotel’ which may want to lay claim to this title. The ‘hotel’, if you permit us to call it so, is located in Amberg, Germany and is just 2.5 meters wide. However what it lacks in width, it makes up for in length and is seven floors tall.

    Eh häusl : Smallest Luxury Hotel

    Despite its diminutive size, the Eh’haeusl is actually a five star hotel which lacks absolutely nothing when it comes to amenities. It has got a modern spa, as well as flat screen televisions. Up to 1 couple at a time can be accommodated in the entire hotel for the best experience. Legend has it that the hotel was originally built as a house in 1728 when local law allowed only those who owned a house to get married.

    Eh häusl_02

    In order to allow folk who were too poor to own a home to get married, this home was built so that they could ‘buy’ it for short durations. Consequently, legend has it that those couples which get to stay in the hotel / house over-night will have a happy relationship. The hotel’s name – Eh häusl , literally means the wedding house.

    Eh häusl_03

    The hotel is currently owned by Marina Schreiner who welcomes couples from across teh globe.