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  • The Path to becoming a Jedi : Jedi Path Book with handwritten tips from Obi-Wan Kenobi

    June 15, 2011 | Posted by

    A strictly limited edition for those who are deserving and have the force within them, the Jedi Path is a book that has educated and enlightened generations of Jedi. The knowledge, which has been guarded through the millennia is finally going to reveal its secrets to you. Not so fast though, the book is hidden inside a mechanism that opens only to those who are ready for this knowledge.

    The book that is covered by a embossed leather cover has hand torn pages as well as artifacts within it. Previous owners (read Master Jedis) have left their own handwritten notes on its pages which make the book absolutely priceless.

    The most amazing part of the book is the manner in which it has been packaged within a silver vault. George Lucas was extremely clear in his vision that he wanted no electronics in the opening mechanism. Accordingly, the mechanism operates entirely through springs and levers. No mean feat considering that you need to have a smooth opening action , with both left and right drawers consistently opening in unison and at such a speed to be fully opened before the book is revealed on its raised platform.

    This fine tuning took many rounds and tweaks to the engineering, before the required brief was realised & satisfied. Press the button and the doors slowly open along with blue lights and sound effects to reveal the ancient manuscript on a raised platform (must watch videos embedded in this article).

    Artifacts within the book include a material patch, a coin like charm and even a drink stained napkin from a Jedi who clearly loved the good times.

    Available now from Amazon for a special price of $57.31 instead of the $99.99; from whom we have stolen this snipet of a review , Introductory sections set out the Jedi Code and history of the Jedi Order, while later sections discuss such subjects as the three pillars, becoming an apprentice, and advanced light saber techniques. Not only is the text copiously illustrated, but some pages are mischievously ripped out (the Prophecy of the Chosen One) and supposedly handwritten annotations by Obi-Wan Kenobi and others add to the experience.

    The book was produced by print production company Imago, publisher becker&mayer! and Lucas films. Not only is this the perfect Fathers Day Gift (exclusive, yet memorable) ; its also the perfect gift for any Star Wars fan who is going to be at a loss for words in order to express his gratitude.

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