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  • The Party Animal’s Rolls Royce : The Lady of Luxury

    March 10, 2012 | Posted by

    Its a Rolls unlike any other. This 1977 vehicle is the best available choice for a party animal to drive. The car has been modified to contain a champagne bar as well as a DJ booth. And when we say Champagne bar , we really mean it since this Rolls has a fully equipped, walnut wooden bar, 21 champagne coolers complete with 100 champagne flutes.

    The Party Animal’s Rolls Royce

    The DJ booth is no laughing matter either, with a nightclub-standard sound system including five JBL amplifiers and 16 JBL speakers. Amazingly, the modifications do not make the car illegal and a normal driving license is all that you require to get this party on the road.

    The Party Animal’s Rolls Royce_02

    Stef van der Bijl (the designer who dreamed up the Lady of Luxury) wanted a head turning car for partying. He began this ambitious project from a wrecked vehicle badly in need of an overhaul ending up with what is called as the ‘Lady of Luxury’. Stef has put up an asking price of £210,000 for anyone interested in purchasing this car.

    The Party Animal’s Rolls Royce_03

    The Lady of Luxury has already been rented out at parties all across Europe and the UAE. With interiors that have are luxuriously customised with wood and leather, and wings that flip open to serve as drink holders, the car is a sight to behold at parties. Despite its several modifications, the Rolls is perfectly road legal and is still powered by its original 6.75-litre V8 engine which develops around 300 bhp.

    The Party Animal’s Rolls Royce_04

    The Party Animal’s Rolls Royce_05

    The Party Animal’s Rolls Royce_06

    The Party Animal’s Rolls Royce_07

    The Party Animal’s Rolls Royce_08

    The Party Animal’s Rolls Royce_09

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