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  • The most expensive cut of meat

    December 9, 2011 | Posted by

    Wagyu beef has captured the title of ‘most expensive steak’ by securing its name on high end restraint menus around the world. Waygu cattle are raised both in and outside Japan but the Kobe variant is the most elite cut of them all.

    Most Expensive Steak

    Kobe beef is alleged to be fed only beer and to be massaged by hand in order to ensure a tenderness and marbling that is not found in any other cut. Whilst given a lot of individual attention these Wagyu cattle product an unhealthy amount of fat and will set you back roughly $160 USD for an eight ounce portion. Recently in New York’s Craftsteak restaurant a full Wagyu rib eye was server for $2800.

    The price of the meat is so high due to the amount of individual care given to each individual cow. American producers have tried to implement the same patient tactics employed by the Japanese to produce cattle of similar quality and claim to have been quite successful in doing so.

    Demand for Wagyu beef is on the rise with Wagyu producers having to increase production and meat delivery on a global scale for restaurants worldwide.