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  • The most expensive Comic Book in History Captain America #1

    August 18, 2011 | Posted by

    A record smashed by the American hero – Captain America which threw all the experts out of the window when the rare copy of the 1941 book garnered a stupendous $343,000 as against the $240,000 that it was initially expected to sell for.

    The cover shows Captain America giving a nice sock to Adolf Hitler at a time when the US was not yet part of the Second World War. The last known copy of Captain America #1 was sold about a decade ago for nearly $265,000. However despite being sold 10 years earlier – that copy was in a much better condition then this one thus justifying the higher price.

    However Captain America still needs to learn about dollars from other superheroes such as Spiderman whose first appearance on a comic sold for $11 million and Superman who sold for a much lower $317,000.

    Paul Fraser Collectibles