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  • The $8,250 Skateboards from Louis Vuitton

    July 19, 2011 | Posted by

    For $8,250 – a price which would cost an arm and a leg for most people ; you could get a whole lot of things. The last thing on your list – if it even made it on to their – would be a graffiti covered skateboard albeit with its own trunk. Louis Vuitton however believes that this is not the case. For those who hardly even think about the price tag when it is anything less then 6 figures – the skateboards are a steal.

    Louis Vuitton had designed these graffiti keyboards (strictly limited edition of merely 3 pieces) each costing $8,250 for the launch of their new collection – the Stepher Sprouse collection. Graffiti is the new trend for this designer house who is going to be wrapping the store in vinyl and spray painting neon graffiti all over the facade. Each skateboard was sold with a hard case monogram skateboard trunk and a Stephen Sprouse Roses Tee.

    Also created for the launch were 70 t-shirts whichretailed for $250 each. Proceeds of the sales benefited the Free Arts NYC, which provides under served children throughout New York City with special arts programs. Vuitton also made an undisclosed donation to the Sprouse Estate, as well as the Stephen Sprouse Memorial Scholarship Fund at the National Academy for Design.

    The emphasis on graffiti is significant since Sprouse became known in the Eighties for his graffiti art and fashion designs. The skateboards – which we believe to be amongst the most expensive ones in the world were created by LV back in 2009.

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