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  • The $4.5 Billion Parking Lot

    January 14, 2012 | Posted by

    Its without question the most expensive parking lot ever . But believe you me, if you park your set of wheels on this lot then bragging about it being the priciest lot is going to be the second thing you brag about. The first would be as to how cool it is that you get to park on an aircraft career. Mind you, this parking lot is only open to you after you join the navy.

    The $4.5 Billion Parking Lot

    Allow us to explain. Seen in this picture is the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan carrying vehicles owned by Navy Sailors to the Kitsap base in Bremerton, Washington. According to Jalopnik, this is a regular occurrence and one that helps the navy save a lot of money. Given that the sailors would need their own vehicle at the new base where they have been posted, the only other option would be for the navy to either give them a new car or pay for the current one to be transported. If the navy does it by itself , then it stands to save a lot of money then either of these choices.

    The $4.5 Billion Parking Lot_02

    Well we love the idea and given that the U.S.S. Ronald was on its way to Kitsap for upgrades and repairs in any case , this is probably the most eco-friendly solution too!

    The $4.5 Billion Parking Lot_03

    The $4.5 Billion Parking Lot_04