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  • The $300 Titanium Protection for your iPhone

    June 23, 2011 | Posted by

    One of the strongest known metals, titanium is a lustrous pricey substance that is widely used for its low weight and excellent strength properties. Suffice it to say then its a great idea to get a titanium case for those who habitually drop their iPhones. While the cell phones of yester-years were brick thick and as strong, the touchscreen based iPhones certainly do not like crashing onto hard surfaces.

    The bumper style protection that the titanium case affords is an excellent idea. Its got great durability and a lustrous look that makes it decent enough for even the guys to own. Its one of the few things that this blog has featured which can actually be purchased for guys given that it is not blinged out in the extreme.

    Created by Case-Mate, this titanium case is extremely serious about protecting your iPhone. So much so that it sells with a mini screw driver and screws (a tool case) which you need to use to screw it on to the phone.