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  • The $240,000 Chocolate Praline

    December 2, 2011 | Posted by

    Chocolatier Paul Wittamer thought it a good idea to make chocolate that appeals not just to the tongue but the eyes too. So while you salivate from the dark ganache chocolate that has caramel as well as helpings of ginger (along with a hint of gold leaf) ; your eyes are going to go wide open trying to take in the regal 3.63 carat diamond set on the chocolate as garnishing.

    The $240,000 Chocolate Praline

    The praline comes in a special packaging that seems more like a jewellery box then one for chocolate. The diamond part has been handled by jeweler Fabienne Lascar. As mentioned in the headline, the chocolate retails for $240,000. Its certainly in illustrious company along with the worlds most luxurious chocolate (stiff competitor) and the £22000 chocolate pudding.

    Heck, we would even pass up a chance to go to the £10 million M&M world for bite of this baby! But if you were floored by the packaging and the overall idea, then you may want to check out Bvlgari – they too have a chocolate line.