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  • T30 : The 30 Storey Five Star Hotel in China that was constructed in 360 Hours

    January 16, 2012 | Posted by

    Talk about the need for luxury! We know that the Chinese love their luxury – but we never knew they wanted it so bad. This hotel in the Hunan province was built in a mere 360 hours by the Broad Sustainable Building (BSB). The company has literally redefined what competence and efficiency means.

    The 30 Storey Five Star Hotel in China

    By constructing in a time frame which would take a well built shanty to come up , the T30 is actually a five star establishment. The hotel is to have 316 standard rooms, 32 suites, eight ambassador suites and two presidential suites. The hotel cost an affordable $17 Million to build. Luxuries include standards such as a restaurant, bar , gym and even a swimming pool on the top floor. The T30 also boasts of a helicopter pad as well as underground parking.

    The 30 Storey Five Star Hotel

    The company is the same that had assembled its pavilion (six storeys) within 24 hours for the 2010 Shanghai Expo. The feat was possible by utilising pre-made components. The technology has been tested to create buildings that are earthquake resistant. The company promises that they will be able to build similar buildings in less then 200 hours once workers are more at ease with using the pre-built materials.

    Details of the T30 Hotel are as follows –
    Lin Gang Industrial Zone, Xiangyin County, Hunan Province
    +86 731 8408 6266
    Nightly rate from US$50
    Reservation through [email protected]