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  • Swarovski Lingerie – La Perla decides to get raunchy

    April 5, 2011 | Posted by

    Almost anything and everything that can be used in daily life gets its chance at being blinged out with Swarovski’s crystals ; the Crystal limited edition makes intimate wear more appealing if bling is what you desire.

    Swarovski Lingerie

    La Perla – The French luxury fashion house has tied up with Swarovski crystals for a limited edition of intimate wear. The limited edition of night wear uses geometric patterns to increase the beauty of the crystal. the deisgners have made ample use of silk and tulle using a technique called as ‘soutache’ to create a unique look.

    The lingerie is available in colors of white, black, petrol green , burgundy and blue.

    Swarovski Lingerie_02

    Swarovski Lingerie_03

    Swarovski Lingerie_04