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  • Swarovski Blinged Mini Cooper to celebrate the Royal Wedding

    April 15, 2011 | Posted by

    Its a bit funny actually. We thought that the Rolls Royce Mini would be the perfect vehicle for the Prince to go fetch his Princess. Its the epitome of comfort and a fuel efficient vehicle to boot. But apparently that Mini wasnt enough. We now have Swarovski Crystals announcing a £20,000 competition for engaged couples. And in order to grab their attention to this campaign, a royal Mini Cooper flanked by Prince William and Kate Middleton look-alikes will be put up on display at Westfield shopping centre in London from 23 April onwards. The Royal Mini Coop , will be completely studded with the Swarovski crystals to create a bling bling car which is sure to attract attention from miles around.

    A series of radio promotions starts this week, and the competition to win £20,000 will run on the morning of the Royal Wedding, 29 April, during Neil Fox’s ‘Magic Breakfast’ show. Two pairs of listeners who are engaged to be married will be invited in to the studio to play for the money.

    The car in question is not for sale. Swarovski has released no details as to what they plan to do with the vehicle after the promotion ends.

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