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  • Stuart Hughes makes history with his latest design: The History Edition iPhone 4

    December 6, 2010 | Posted by

    After creating quite a wave with his AquaVista,the world’s most expensive aquarium, Stuart Hughes, it seems, loved working with the extinct animal. So he’s back again with a cool new edition of the latest Apple fascination, the iPhone 4.

    The designer has created what is said to be the ‘world’s first dinosaur mobile phone’. With an idea conceived by his wife, Katherine Hughes, Stuart has designed the ‘History Edition iPhone 4’.

    If you plan to buy this piece here, remember, what you will hold in your hand will be an iPhone dolled up in a 65 million year old T-Rex’s tooth with meteoric stone. Both are shaped together to dress up the rear of this History Edition phone.

    The remnants were specially resourced from Arizona, U.S. Knowing Stuart, he would love to add a bling to all of his creations. So this one is no exception.

    The bling factor comes in with 8.5ct ‘IF’ flawless diamonds, which are decorated on the rim and a diamond studded Apple logo set in platinum on the tooth-n-stone rear. The History Edition iPhone 4 will cost you $63,000 and unfortunately only ten such historic pieces will be created. So rush!!!