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  • Silver Ghost Corgi of Rolls Royce to sell for 2 million pounds

    March 7, 2012 | Posted by

    The 1912 Double Pullman limousine of Rolls Royce is popularly known as Corgi by car collectors. The car is so named because it was copied by a toy maker for a range of cars that was sold in the 1960s. Loved by the masses, this Corgi is said to be the only one of its type in existence.

    Silver Ghost Corgi Of Rolls Royce

    A £2 million price ($3.14 million) for this car does not sound extravagant in the least but actually a sound investment. This particular vehicle is also the first ever Silver Ghost that Rolls Royce delivered to a customer. In those days, the car would be purchased by customers which would include just the engine and the chassis. The customer would then be free to hire the coach builder of his choice. This particular Rolls was given to the best coach builder of those time – Barker and Co. Ltd . Using a design based on the Pullman Railway carriages, the car resulted in a comfortable vehicle that was the peak of luxury at the turn of the century.

    Silver Ghost Corgi_02

    Used by Corgi Toys as the model for their ‘Corgi Classics’ series (after initially being used in the Scottish Sword collection), the car became popularly known as Corgi soon after. Amazingly, the vehicle still has a engine that works – a 7.3 litre six cylinder one that runs at 15 miles to a gallon and cruises at 50-60 mph.

    Silver Ghost Corgi_03

    Collectors from all across the globe are expected to bid on the Corgi Rolls Royce. The Corgi was in the collection of American collector John O’Quinn who recently passed away.

    Silver Ghost Corgi_04