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  • Saks Fifth Avenue now in Kazakhstan too

    July 7, 2011 | Posted by

    Ever heard of the saying that the more things change, the more they remain the same? Well, for travellers who loved to roam around the world and sample the local variety ; the world just became a lot smaller and similar. If it was not enough to find a McDonalds staring down at every junction in New Delhi and Beijing (though admittedly, it does make for hearty eating once you are fed up of the local variety) ; shoppers will now have to contend with a Saks Fifth Avenue in the unlikeliest of places too.

    Saks, for those not in the know how has stores in Mexico City, Dubai and Riyadh already. However Kazakhstan is a bit off the map even for the high growth luxury stores so this step definitely comes as a surprise. Kazakhstan is a part of the former USSR which has accepted capitalism readily given that Saks is gung-ho about its store doing well in the country.

    We don’t know if Borat had something to do with it but a 91,000 square foot store is no laughing matter anywhere in the world. So get ready to go to your favorite shops for shopping , no matter where in the world you are. So much for uber cool Eastern vacations. We might as well rent a nice hotel room in NYC and save ourselves the unaffordable air fares. You will be able to check out the huge store from August 2012 onwards. Saks will be opening a three storey store in the country that will sell everything from high fashion threads to ritzy beauty products.

    The mall will also house luxury fashion and jewelry stores and is part of Esentai Park, a mixed-use project under development with luxury residential and commercial towers and a five-star hotel. [Saks CEO Stephen I. Sadove] said Almaty, with its rapidly expanding affluent population, will be “a great fit” for Saks.

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