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  • Ruwa : The $5.5 Million Non Alcoholic Drink for the Faithful

    April 26, 2011 | Posted by

    As would be common knowledge with anyone who has visited the middle east, alcohol or any intoxicant for that matter is ‘harām’(unlawful) under Islam. Basically , the prophet decreed that the faithful would not partake of such substances. However that was a minor stumbling block for The Beverage Company of UK who wanted to enter the UAE market with a bang (or rather a bling).

    With the announcement of Ruwa (at 20 million Dirhams a bottle) – the most expensive non alcoholic tipple ; the UAE market is all set to be conquered by them. It is meant for those who do not wish to drink booze yet have a taste of the fine life.

    The price could be partly justified by the beautiful hand made crystal decanter in which the drink is stored. The decanter containing Ruwa is encrusted with 8,000 diamonds, 200 rubies and two bars of white gold.

    This version which supposedly tastes of elderflower and rose – will also get free refills if you decide to splurge on the bottle.

    A cheaper version which costs merely 3 million dirhams ($800,000) is also available for those who like luxury but are on a budget.

    It’s true that there are beverages that are literally more expensive than a year’s stay at rehabilitation centers for alcoholics.

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