• Rihanna gets herself a 24 karat Gold Nail Polish

    February 20, 2012 | Posted by

    As far as love for Bling goes, Rihanna has possibly just topped the charts. The celebrity who is known to spend as much as $23,000 on her hair each week had coated her nails with Amor 24 at the Grammies. Sold by Red Carpet Manicure, the nail polish is a limited edition which costs as much as $5000 for each bottle.

    Rihanna Gets Herself A 24 karat Gold Nail Polish

    Her gold nails were further customised with tiny dollar signs – which only underlined the fact of how expensive this nail polish is. Meanwhile, a more affordable version of Amor 24 is set to debut for $9.99. Dont expect this one to have any real gold flakes though.

    A 24 karat Gold Nail Polish

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