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  • Real Time Bookings with aBoatTime make Charters a Sweet Deal

    June 4, 2012 | Posted by

    Gone are the days when you would have to plan months in advance to get a yacht chartered and then try to hunt around between different owners while still trying to ensure that you get the best yacht that you can. aBoatTime claims to be the first fully transactional boat charter website that allows you to do bookings in real time. This means bookings and confirmations are made immediately.

    We are guessing that since you are chartering a yacht rather then buying one, you definitely would like to split the costs with your pals. aBoatTime offers this splendid feature that lets you do just that. Simply pay 20% at the time of booking and then split the remaining costs between your mates. The site allows you to send out emails to them allowing them to directly make their respective shares to the website. No more having to run around ensuring that everyone who agreed pays up. You can also invite several people and make sure that they know the first to pay will be the ones who will get to come along!

    Having said enough about the payments, lets move on to the yachts themselves. There is a huge variety available to choose from depending on how your like your yachts – luxurious or geeky! They even have schooners for those who like to sail for the love of the sport. Check out the entire range of yachts that they have on offer, even we were surprised by how extensive the range is.

    Sail away into the sunset with aBoattime

    aBoattime allows you to visit some of the most beautiful destinations in Europe; and these include the Canary Islands, the Mediterranean, some gorgeous ports in Greece as well as Turkey and thats just naming a few. More details over at their destinations page.

    Paxos Greece - Lakka Harbour

    Check out the following video which makes a brilliant job of explaining what its all about –