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  • Rarest of Rare Imperial Bowl of Chinese Emperor for $10 Million

    March 13, 2012 | Posted by

    A ‘rarest of rare’ term is used when the item is one that does not come up on sale everyday. An item that no matter what the price is , very rarely comes up for sale , if at all. Such items are usually unique and owned by collectors who have no intention of selling. Thus this rare imperial ceramic bowl is creating waves in China since it is to be auctioned next month.

    Rare Imperial Bowl

    Created about 9 centuries ago for use by royalty, the flower shaped bowl is of a small size. When the Chinese authorities decided to put it up on public display in Beijing, interest was so high that it resulted in a stampede like situation. This prompted authorities to make it a potential buyers event only. We are told that despite the restriction, there were several people who made it to view the bowl.

    Rare Imperial Bowl_02

    Given the sky high interest in the bowl and its rich cultural history as well as the deep pockets of Chinese billionaires, experts have rightly estimated that this bowl which previously sold for $6.4 million will easily fetch more then $10 million this time around.

    Rare Imperial Bowl_03

    The ‘Ru’ bowl is one of only six that are supposed to be in existence. The Ru ceramics are so named after the kiln in which they were made , one of the largest under the Song dynasty. Only 79 complete pieces of Ru ceramics remain worldwide from that era.

    It is hoped that the bowl remains in Hong Kong, China or even Taiwan after being snapped up by one of the billionaire collectors in these territories. However as of now, the field is open for anyone and everyone to bid for this rarest of rare antiques.