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  • Rare Dalmore Scotch Whiskey sells for $200,000

    September 17, 2011 | Posted by

    It took a Chinese businessmen to finally purchase what none of his billionaire counterparts in Europe or America were willing to. The 62 year old bottle of Dalmore Scotch had been on sale at the Singapore airport for close to 6 months now with no takers.

    Rare Dalmore Scotch Whiskey

    The whisky boasts a cornucopia of flavours and aromas, which, according to David Robertson, Dalmore’s director of rare whisky and one of a select few to have tasted it, these include honey, Seville oranges, coffee, bitter chocolate, cardamom, cloves, ginger and almonds.

    The Chinese owner who has not been named is not expected to toast the whiskey , most likely it is expected to be kept in a collection. Rare whiskeys offer some of the best returns on investment. This very Dalmore Scotch for instance has risen in value £100,000 ($157,000) in the last 10 years itself. What sort of decades the drink can garner in the next decade would be anybody’s guess.

    The 62 Year Old Bottle Of Dalmore Scotch