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  • Portrait of the Royal Betrothed made of Stamps sells for £5,000

    April 16, 2011 | Posted by

    Made entirely from stamps, this stunning piece of art shows Prince William and his to be wife in front of the Rose Window at Westminster Abbey. About 3,800 recycled stamps have ben used to create this beautiful picture.

    Royal Stamp

    Peter Mason, the artist, has a 20 year experience of creating similar portraits from stamps. He has created ones for Princes Charles and Camilla, the Queen and Princess Diana.

    Royal Stamp_02

    Those who have seen the portraits say the pictures do not do justice to the actual work. The stamps used in these portraits were purchased by Peter for 300 pounds which got him over a million used stamps.

    Royal Stamp_03

    Those of you in the UK may want to drop in at The Art Gallery in Tetbury, Gloucestershire until May 3, where the portraits are on display. The one with Kate and William has already been purchased by a collector for £5000.

    Royal Stamp_04