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  • Petra Ecclestone’s $83 Million Mansion for the Dogs

    September 9, 2011 | Posted by

    Talk about each dog having its day – some dogs have their entire lifetimes to be lived in luxury. Newly married Petra Ecclestone (daughter of the F1 Supremo Billionaire Mr. Ecclestone) has revealed that the new mansion that she purchased was not exactly for her husband and herself, but rather the pooches that she so adores. In her love for pets, she is exactly like her sister Tamara Ecclestone who also loves luxuries for her pets.

    Petra Ecclestone Mansion For The Dogs

    The 14 bedroom home that now houses the newly weds was primarily selected since Petra believed that her five dogs did not have enough room in her previous abode. The new 57,000 square foot property however should be more than sufficient for the lucky mutts. The house which is located in Los Angeles cost Petra a cool $83 Million.