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  • Omega Space Collection Apollo / Soyuz Speed Master Professional

    September 5, 2011 | Posted by

    As mentioned in the article about the Omega Olympic Collection, having history on your side definitely helps. It allows you to reach back into your heritage and come away with a rich haul of culture which translates wonderfully well for modern collections.

    Omega Space Collection

    The Space Collection (Apollo Soyuz) is a perfect example of such a collection. Omega watches have been well known as the only ones that have been worn on the moon(not entirely true) but were indeed the first watch on the moon. We have written about Omega’s limited edition Apollo 15 Speed Master which deserves a place in any watch collection. The Apollo / Soyuz watch is a masculine watch which pays homage to the historic space mission where cosmonauts and astronauts linked up in space and shook hands. This uniquely historic event has a watch which is also as unique Рthe dial is made from a meteorite. All the watches in this limited collection have their dials crafted from meteorite.

    Omega Space Collection_02

    A manual winding chronograph which shares the same mechanism as won by the crew of the Apollo / Soyuz mission, the watch also features 18 jewels, a Polished-brushed case, a black aluminium ring with tachymeter scale on bezel and a commemorative engraving of the historic event on the back of its casing.