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  • NYC gets a $135,000 Rental Apartment : Most Expensive Rental in the City

    November 12, 2011 | Posted by

    Sky High rentals (pun intended) in NYC are nothing to be shocked about. After all penthouses routinely go for obscene sums. But as far as obscenity goes a sum of $135,000 for a month is still enough to get you noticed on The Rich Times. The title has been claimed by an apartment at the Waldorf Towers in Manhattan making it the most expensive active rental listing in the city as of now (or is it the most expensive ever? If you know someone who pays more, do let us know!).

    The Waldorf Towers In Manhattan

    Facilities include a full kitchen, pantry and maids’ room, three and a half bathrooms (to be precise) of which one is attached to the master bedroom and boasts of a real marble bath.

    Most Expensive Apartment_01

    Most Expensive Apartment_02

    Most Expensive Apartment_03

    Most Expensive Apartment_04

    The apartment can also be accessed by the Waldorf Astoria Hotel but has a separate doorman, reception and lounge access for complete privacy.