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  • Not a Woofing Matter : The $212,000 Dog Painting

    March 7, 2012 | Posted by

    The Westminster Dog show is a popular one, known to pet enthusiasts across the globe. What few know about is the dogs only art auction that is held after the Westminster Dog Show. An event that usually passes without much publicity, this time around its in the spotlight thanks to two paintings. The first is the Dejeuner which shows dogs and cats eating from a large dish. Painted by artist William Henry, it set a record when it sold for $194,500. However Dejeuner was meant to enjoy its record status for one hour only. The record was then grabbed by Hounds in a Kennel painted by the same artist which shows six dogs staring at a bird outside their cage. The price tag was an amazing $212,500. The ‘Hounds in a Kennel’ now holds the record for being the most expensive painting sold at the Westminster Dog show auction.

    The $212,000 Dog Painting

    If you were looking for the most expensive piece of dog art (believe you me, dog art is an actual term) then it would belong to the $3.6 million portrait of a Newfoundland that was sold in 1999.

    The $212,000 Dog Painting_02

    The William Secord Gallery in Manahttan is one of the only art galleries in the nation to cater to dog art. Those interested can head onto it since the gallery is exhibiting and selling 150 dog pieces that Geraldine Rockefeller Dodge bequeathed to St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in Madison, N.J.

    The $212,000 Dog Painting_03