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  • Névé Luxury Ice Company : Ice cubes for the connoisseur

    February 14, 2011 | Posted by

    Ice is one of the key ingredients in a great cocktail or any premium spirit. And to make sure your cocktails aren’t screwed up by the melted ice, local barman, Michel Dozios started Névé, a luxury ice company, that helps keep cocktails cool without watering them down. The L.A. based bartender turned iceman explains the entire working to the clients with the help of a live experiment.

    He fills two Old Fashioned glasses with ice—the first with conventional cubes, the second with his company’s “ice rock,” a single large cube, which takes up about 50 percent of the glass—and tops them with a dram of good whisky. About every seven minutes, he asks the client to take a sip—first of the conventional drink where the ice is rapidly melting, then of the drink made with the sturdy opaque brick of Névé ice. The second shows minimal dilution; it’s essentially whisky served neat, but much, much colder.

    The gourmet ice is offered in various shapes, colors and designs for parties and other occasions. Dozois discovered this concept in Japan, where bartenders sculpt ice to order. He loved the idea and was able to turn ice sculpting into a process done ahead of time for delivery to bars all over the city. Névé Luxury Ice supplies LA places like Library Bar, Comme Ça, and the Dining Room in Santa Monica with custom ice forms such as highball ice for tall drinks and frozen orbs with a cherry inside for a fruity suprise.

    Dozois’s personal favorites are ice cubes for shaking with no corners. Névé Luxury Ice is also designed to provide the perfect temperature for the drink, while taking up less surface area, resulting in less dilution.

    Normal ice begins to melt the moment it is removed from the freezer and placed into liquid, immediately tarnishing the taste of your drinks and cocktails in two ways: if the ice being used is not made of the purest water, foul odors and flavors will instantaneously poison your drink, and if the ice melts too rapidly, your cocktail is destined to become a watered down shadow of its former self.

    Névé offers a solution. They only use the purest water possible. The brand believe that the water, one consumes should be of the highest quality and so should their ice.

    Their cubes are frozen a minimum of 48 hours to ensure the slowest dilution rate achievable. Their size and solidity lead to perfectly chilled, undiluted drinks or cocktails.