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  • Muramasa VIII : the $8000 Luxury Headphones

    March 10, 2012 | Posted by

    Final Audio Design clearly want the final word in creating luxury headphones. Unlike the million dollar headphones of Dr. Dre , the Muramasa are more of the Orpheus (by Sennheiser) sort focused on performance and not bling. The Muramasa VIII are certainly ‘loaded’ and by that we mean literally loaded, for they are made of solid stainless steel and weigh 1.8 pounds (850 grams). That’s nearly twice the weight of other high end headphones (no more then 300 grams).

    Muramasa VIII Luxury Headphones

    The circumaural headphones fit over the entire ear thus making for an excellent audio experience. They feature a tweeter and a full range driver in each ear. Every part is made by NC machining using solid stainless steel. It features a 2-way driver, using a tweeter for high-frequency sound and a 40mm driver to reproduce full-range sound without the need of networked drivers.

    Muramasa VIII Headphones_02

    Final Audio admits that these are huge and heavy, but they claim that the weight is unavoidable for the finest audio experience possible with headphones.

    Muramasa VIII Headphones_03

    The most expensive headphones by Final Audio Design so far, the Muramasa VIII can be purchased from Final Audio Design.

    Muramasa VIII Headphones_04

    Muramasa VIII Headphones_05

    Muramasa VIII Headphones_06