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  • Million Dollar edition of Saints Row IV

    August 20, 2013 | Posted by

    Talk about Limited Editions! This version of Saints Row IV is limited to a single unit and retails for a stupendous One Million Dollars USD. The intent of this price tag is (besides sending you to space) to get as much publicity as possible and we think from that point, Deep Silver (The Game Publisher) has probably gotten more value for their money than they thought possible. Thankfully, they are not going to be stingy for what they offer once you do pay them the asking price.


    Saints Row 4: The Super Dangerous Wad Wad Edition comes with –

    • Saints Row IV : Commander in Chief Edition
    • A full sized replica Dubstep Gun
    • A full day of spy training
    • A trip to space with Virgin Galactic
    • One year’s membership of E25 Super Car Club and a Lamborghini Gallardo to make it worthwhile
    • Plastic Surgery of the purchaser’s choice
    • A shopping spree with a personal shopper to create the ultimate Planet Saints capsule wardrobe
    • 7 nights for two at The Jefferson Hotel in Washington
    • Hostage rescue experience
    • A brand new Toyota Prius and insurance to give something back to the environment
    • 7 nights stay in the Top Royal Suite at the Burj-al-arab with flights for two

    Make sure you email [email protected] if you are really interested in purchasing this edition.