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  • Million Dollar Beds in China

    August 20, 2013 | Posted by

    Made from rare and expensive hardwoods, million dollar beds are becoming the latest thing to aspire for in China. Unfortunately, this is not so good news for the forests of Africa.

    Million dollar  Bed

    Million Dollar bed in China

    • Soaring demand in China and political unrest in Madagascar are fuelling illegal logging for hardwoods in the African nation of Madagascar.
    • Beds with a price tag of $1 Million are on sale in China made from Madagascaran wood.
    • These beds are primarily from three species of wood that is forbidden to harvest in Madagascar – ebony, rosewood and pallisander.
    • An estimated 98% of the wood ended up in China, with the remainder going to the US and EU nations.
    • Woods such as rosewood are especially valued since it is an exotic wood used for more its unique dark grain which when polished will have a rose tint. Also, after cutting rosewood, chemicals present in wood release a sweet-smelling fragrance.
    • Rosewood grows only in tropical climates thus making it rare and expensive. It is also very dense, thus perfect for making furniture and other heavy items.