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  • Michelle Obama sports a Cartier watch for the official White House portrait

    April 2, 2009 | Posted by

    I think the world is captivated by the First Lady’s style. Not only because she is chic, but because Michelle Obama’s elegance is real. There is barely a time where Mrs. Obama does not exude a sense of owning her look and having great comfort and ease with what she is wearing, that is true style! And when it comes to the official White house portrait you can expect her to be dressed sophisticatedly.



    Associated Press writer Caryn Rousseau reported on the photograph and commented on the first lady’s choice of accessories including her jewelry and wrist watch. Posing for her official White House portrait, Michelle Obama dons the Cartier Steel Tank Francaise that is tasteful and luxurious without being showy. Michelle Obama’s subtle yet sophisticated taste shows in her choice of wearing the undecorated version of the watch in steel, although the watch is available in gold with diamond settings. Cartier themselves expressed surprise and excitement over the picture as they had no idea she would be wearing the particular watch for the occasion.