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  • Mel Gibson and Petra Ecclestone rack up a $250,000 Bar Tab

    October 26, 2011 | Posted by

    An amount that the average worked anywhere in the world would take a few years to accumulate has been blown by these super rich individuals in a single night. Recently married Petra Ecclestone of F1 fame and Hollywood super star Mel Gibson were partying along with Petras husband at the Bleacher’s Madhouse Club at the Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles.

    Petra Ecclestone And James Stunt

    The huge tab is partly explained by the innumerable bottles of Cristal Champagne that the celebrities were handing out. However its a bit surprising given that Gibson is a recovering alcoholic who does not drink any more and Ecclestone herself is a teetotaller.

    The tab was picked up by James Stunt (Petra’s husband) at the end of the bash. It was unclear what exactly they were celebrating, if at all there was an occasion.

    Mel Gibson