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  • McIntosh outs Gold Plated Amps on 50th Anniversary

    October 8, 2011 | Posted by

    Gold Plated electronics have always been a geeks wet dream. Gold, which we on The Rich Times love for its classy appeal ; is also loved by electronics. However, that is more to do with the fact that gold is a noble metal that works wonders when used in electronic components.

    McIntosh Gold Plated Amps

    McIntosh which is well known for churning out some high end amplifiers has made the MC275 model in gold on its golden anniversary. The limited edition MC275 is a tube power amplifier which looks all the better since the designers have stayed true to its original design. The only addition is the McIntosh logo which is also in gold , that absolutely adds to the design appeal

    McIntosh Gold Plated Amps_02

    The MC275 is otherwise unchanged from the original 1961 design except for a multi color LED that displays level and a few other additions that have to do with safety and performance. After all, if McIntosh were serious about people buying this $6500 amplifier , they would have to do much more then simply make it look good. Obviously, Meridian was thinking on the same lines when they announced their $100,000 sound system on their anniversary. If you want something more private, then the Grado PS 1000 headphones may be more recommended.

    McIntosh Gold Plated Amps_03

    Despite the price tag, we are sure that the limited edition MC275 will do just great in the markets. The anniversary edition of the amp goes on sale in December 2011.

    McIntosh Gold Plated Amps_04