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  • Mauck 2 Sprinter : The Most Luxurious Mercedes Benz Sprinter

    April 19, 2011 | Posted by

    While we hold Mercedes Benz pretty high with regards to creating luxurious comfortable vehicles, once Creative Mobile Interiors have had their way with a vehicle – its hard to believe that Mercedes could not have done any better.

    While in all fairness such conversions do cost a fair bit of money, it still makes me wonder at the amount of gadgetry and luxury that these guys have been able to stuff into the vehicle and yet maintain enough space that the passengers can travel in extreme comfort. Take the case of the Mauck 2 Sprinter for instance.

    There are an unbelievable three televisions hidden into the vehicle, none of which are visible to passengers unless they so desire. Of these , two are 42 inchers while the single ‘small’ screen is a comfortable 26 inches. The entire interior functions however the owner wishes. The seats swivel to turn this vehicle from a people hauler, to a mobile board room, to a party bus.

    The windows have been modified to give it a larger feel – a more spacious one at that. If you feel like throwing a party while you are out camping then this is the perfect vehicle too. The dinette area TV rises up to reveal another 42 inch TV that is viewed out the rear of the M2. To add to the ambiance there are external speakers and compartments for a cooler and trash receptacle

    The conversion, which is literally removing the interiors and rebuilding them completely cost as much as the actual car. So that’s $75,000 for the vehicle and another $75000 for the conversion.

    So if you want a comfortable road carrier that can hold meetings, carry people and allow you to party from time to time, head on to Creative Mobile Interiors. They also do complete customisation as per your requirements.