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  • Marco Morosini launches his latest ‘The Dog is a God’ Collection

    June 3, 2009 | Posted by

    The age-old quote that ‘d-o-g’ can be read as ‘g-o-d’ by just a change in perspective, might have just come true thanks to designer Marco Morosini. The designer’s new Dog is a God collection by Italo Bosa is designed to serve the canine species. The Dog is a God collection draws its belief from the ancient times, when they were considered cult objects.

    Dog 1.jpg

    Morosini states that dogs have been given a good treatment since times immemorial. First it was the Assyrians and then the Egyptians who embalmed them after death. Even the Chinese, the Incas and the Mayas took special care of them. In a similar way, the Castagna doghouses make your doggie comfy. The design is simple and minimal. It seems that the designer’s head was clear about keeping it natural for the animal and not burden it with superfluous luxuries which it might not appreciate. The doghouses look like temples and are quite a catch if your want to pamper your dog just the way it likes it! Numbered and hand-signed by Morosini, the doghouses are priced per square centimeter.

    dog 2.jpg
    dog 3.jpg
    dog 4.jpg
    dog 5.jpg
    dog 6.jpg
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