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  • Luxury Motor home by Ketterer ‘Continental’ puts the competition to shame

    April 20, 2011 | Posted by

    Despite being in the business of luxury, we come across products that still manage to astonish us every now and then. While these occasions are quite rare, they still manage to leave us spell bound with their attention to detail and splendidly luxurious comfort.

    This luxury motorhome has a pop out chamber which makes the home a lot more roomier than any other one that you may consider. The Mercedes Benz truck chassis manages to comfortable encompass a large living room, small kitchen, master bedroom as well as a shower and toilet. The bedroom even gets a skylight and an extremely comfy king size bed. The living room can actually seat upto five people at a time. The bathroom includes a shower and a toilet.

    Clearly, when it comes to anything automobiles, the Germans are still the kings of the game.

    The Ketterer Continental comes with its own garage – complete with a Smart ForTwo for travelling to the nearby town or city while keeping the motorhome parked.

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