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  • Luxuries of the Future – Graff Bathrooms

    February 17, 2012 | Posted by

    GRAFF tied up with designer Davide Oppizi to give us their version of what luxuries in the future are most likely to be. Instead of being all bling (it seems the future holds no love for gold or diamonds) ; these will be more about style and design. And of course LEDs.

    Luxuries Bathrooms Of The Future

    GRAFF has even come out with a new line – the AMETIS collection which is characterised by continuous flowing lines, dynamic features as well as a lighting system that is made from LEDs that change their color depending on the water temperature.

    Graff Bathrooms_01

    While the designs are exremely contemporary, we would thought that something that is more of a spoil you rotten sort of feature would definitely make it in the luxury bathrooms of the future. Perhaps a robotic arm that scratches the back while another two get to work on giving you a stimulating head massage? Heck, there isnt any better way to wake yourself up then a genuine head massage – take this from one who knows.

    Graff Bathrooms_02

    Graff Bathrooms_03

    Graff Bathrooms_04

    Graff Bathrooms_05

    Graff Bathrooms_06

    Graff Bathrooms_07

    Graff Bathrooms_08